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Our Move Archives Photo Collage

The Our Move Archive is a digital repository of the Our Move project, featuring materials about the American-Soviet citizen diplomacy movement.

The OurMove.org project digitizes these materials, and makes them available to scholars, writers, students, activists, and the general public across the world in an innovative digital archive.

The Our Move Archive should be useful to anyone curious about the history of nonviolent resistance and the anti-war and anti-nuclear movements.  The main theme is Cold War-era American-Soviet citizen diplomacy, also known as grassroots, or handshake diplomacy. Our goal is to ensure that these materials remain available in perpetuity, informing and inspiring generations of civically engaged citizens.

We strive to preserve and share high-quality digitized versions of historical artifacts such as film slides, printed photographs, writings, and other documents. We constantly strive to obtain and digitize new materials, while maintaining the Archive's overall quality and ease of use. There are currently over 500 public items in the Archives.

We believe that facilitating access to these resources, while at the same time acknowledging their authors and contributors, is the right thing to do.

Start exploring by browsing the Exhibits, viewing the Collections (currently under construction), or visit our Flickr Photostream for a simple and fun way to browse the complete photo archive!

Our Move Archives.