The American Soviet Walk of 1987

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The American Soviet Walk of 1987


Cold War Citizen Diplomacy,
The American-Soviet Peace Walk of 1987


A collection of photographs taken by the participants of the American Soviet Peace Walk of 1987.

The photographs in the collection were scanned from film slides and printed photographs. The high-resolution uncompressed (TIFF format) and compressed (JPEG format) files are provided.

Work on this collection is currently in progress, as additional contributions are made to the Archive.

BACKGROUND: In the summer of 1987 about 230 Americans and 200 Soviets marched from Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) to Moscow, USSR. The Walk, aimed at "ending an arms race nobody wants," became a citizen diplomacy campaign unprecedented in the history of the American-Soviet relations. For the first time ever during the Cold War, the citizens of the two opposing nuclear superpowers united in a large-scale, joint march in the name of peace and nuclear disarmament.

This collection showcases materials from the online archive of Our Move (, a project dedicated to promoting peace and WMD nonproliferation through citizen diplomacy.


Our Move Archive



June-July, 1987


A. Podgorski, J. Share, S. Smith, L. Graves, J. Ain


All items in this collection are copyright by their respective authors (creators). Most items were digitized by or in partnership with the Our Move Project, and included in this Archive by permission of their respective authors.


still image in JPEG and TIFF format, scanned from slides and printed photographs.

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